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Over 35 plus years I've found the Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler or Queensland Heeler as they are most commonly known in Australia) to be my most loyal friend and ally. 

  • A friend who protects without asking. 

  • A friend who gives and gives and gives some more without wanting. 

  • A friend who will work by your side all day and night if required without expecting payment. 

  • And a friend who will always be there for you when you arrive home.

My Australian Cattle Dogs are always a part of my family and woe-betide anyone who tries to bring harm to myself or my family members within range of my Blue and Red Heelers. I have but one person to thank for this fantastic breed of Aussie dog...

Back in 1830 a cattle farmer (rancher) by the name of Thomas Hall unhappy with the  limitations of his English Northumberland Blue Merle cattle dogs decided to experiment and make a hardier more suitable breed of cattle dog for the harsh Australian outback conditions.

He crossed his English cattle dogs with a few of the domesticated Dingoes (wild Australian dogs) on his property to create the very first of the Australian Cattle Dogs. In those days known as Hall's Heelers.

Over the next 10 to 30 years he refined his breeding program and possessed the only cattle dogs in the land that were hardy for the harsh Australian outback conditions, could run all day, were smart and easy to train and herded cattle well without being too rough on the cattle. The "perfect" cattle dogs.

Thomas Hall's, Hall's Heelers were renowned throughout the outback of Australia. The Hall brothers owned one of the largest cattle runs from upper Queensland right down to near Sydney. Many of their drovers used the Hall's Heelers with great success and effect throughout these properties. 

It was only after Thomas Hall's death in the latter part of the 19th Century and the subsequent dispersion of the huge Hall empire that the Hall's Heelers' became available to any other cattle ranchers throughout Australia. Thomas Hall had refused to sell or part with any of his dogs whilst he was alive.

Now of course the original Hall's Heeler breed was consolidated and refined even further during the 20th Century through the undertakings of several of Australia's higher profile "Heeler" breeders and fanciers in particular the Bagust Brothers of on or around Sydney.

A standard for the breed was written by Joseph Kaleski very early in this century (1903) to help standardise and establish the breed although it wasn't until the 1930's approximately (don't hold me to this) that the breed was accepted as it's own breed and the standard adopted by Australian Kennel Clubs.

At various times during the 20th Century rumours have it that there were other breeds injected into the "Australian Cattle Dog" or "Heeler" as they were then more commonly known. Breeds such as the "Bull Terrier", the "Dalmatian" and a few others. The truth is the Australian Kelpie (itself a breed crossed with the wild Dingo) was the only other breed to be injected into the Australian Cattle Dog in the early 1920's approximately. This was established through recent DNA testing without doubt.

It is also thought that the Kelpie is where the Australian Cattle Dog developed the distinctive tan markings on it's legs and head and "bow-tie" tan marking on it's chest. Although one must bear in mind that the wild Australian Dingo is also a light golden sandy brown in colour too.

The Australian Kelpie itself was developed and bred for the herding work it had to do in Australia and to this day is another of the most successful of the herding breeds.

Today this most loyal of all working dogs we officially call the "Australian Cattle Dog" and unofficially but more commonly the "Blue Heeler" is slightly different looking to the very earliest photos of the the original "Heelers" albeit has retained and even improved upon the characteristics that Thomas Hall had in mind when he first established the breed.


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